Wicha József
WIS Holding Co. has been acting as a major real estate developer, aiming at meeting the unique expectations of the market with aspiring, innovative solutions, always holding out genuinely, even in times of challenge. Our projects provide modern answer and solution for the needs and requirements of the market and the economic environment in the fields of real estate development, investment and finance following the required analysis done by our highly competent and professional colleagues; our projects vary from the construction of hotels and residential parks to logisctic park or even bioenergetics.

We firmly believe that our constructive-creative activities and its new style contributes to a new shape and form of the entire economic sphere and business environment. Our work can be characterized by this highly responsible thinking in all areas of life.


After some busy and hard years spent in the construction industry József Wicha becomes independent at the age of 22, and tries to make his dreams come true. The determined and hard work has yielded its fruit quite soon: the enterprise marked with his name had a 43% market share of Hungarian reinforcing steel production back in the second half of the 1990s. At the same time he was also a well-known subcontractor and supplier of the Metallurgical Works of Ózd and those in Diósgyőr.


In order to implement further large-scale projects an efficient, proper ‘hinterland’ had to be established. Thus the foundation of the company was the following step to be taken. Highly qualified, assiduous and loyal professionals have found each other. The vast majority of them are still “engines” of the WIS machinery.
WIS, operating first as an Ltd. and later an a company limited by shares, worked at the most important investment projects of the Borsod-region even at its start: bank centre, industrial hall, wholesale warehouse then the Autóház Miskolc car showroom, an authorized representative of Volkswagen-Audi have also been constructed, latter by the company itself, and it is its also in the ownership of the firm.

By now: own investment projects affecting an area exceeding 150,000 m2

Development projects having a total value equivalent to a couple of billion HUF were implemented during the past years mostly in relation to real estates of residential, hotel and industrial nature.

The 21st century is already characterised by such projects as Római Wellness Otthon (Roman Wellness Home) consisting of 250 recreational apartments, which was awarded a price for construction excellence, the five-star Spirit Hotel Thermal Spa in Sárvár, which was awarded among others the title best SPA destination of Europe, the Europe Center Logistics and Business Park Budapest, which has a floor space of 80,000 m2, and was twice the winner of the best development of the year, the Europe Center Miskolc having a floor area of 35,000 m2, and the bio-mass heating works in Miskolc.

Besides the creation of the innovative sawmill, which is the largest in the country of its kind, a number of quite novel projects are under way in the fields of waste recycling and generation of energy from biological sources based on meticulously elaborated and wide ranging plans.

Our partners can now rely on our experiences gathered during our own projects, and we are ready to act as main contractor or general client for our partners in addition to implementing our own developments. In 2014 we successfully completed the reconstruction of the tram track system in Miskolc (Green Arrow), and we participate in the reconstruction works of tram lines No. 1 and No. 3 in Budapest, as well as in the renovation of Széll Kálmán Square. In addition to the works associated with the reconstruction of tram tracks we operate quarries in Beled and Bősárkány, from where 2.5 million tons of gravel were extracted during 2014, part of which was used for the construction of Motorway M86.

By now: own investment projects affecting an area exceeding 150,000 m2

Advice for Life

The basic skill for achieving everything is the ability to follow a path.
It consists of 3 things: persistence, will power, and determination. Persistence is needed so that you shall not give up, let anything happen. Will power is necessary for being able to act day by day. And determination – so that you could perform tasks that really lead you towards your goals. If you are able to walk along a road, you can achieve any goal, as a road leads to every goal.